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PRI Advisor Resource Center

Advisor Resource Center (ARC) delivers systematic access to an untapped segment of broker-dealers and investment advisers and promotes targeted communications to financial advisors and consultants that are active in the retirement plan marketplace at all levels. By combining web-based resources with proactive sales support and training, ARC provides a highly efficient way to connect remotely with dedicated specialists and advisors who may not otherwise be readily identifiable.

Another site built upon the ExpressionEngine CMS platform. The goal of this site was to have a Content Management system where every piece of content throughout the site could be segmented based upon the company the user was logged in under. A member portal was also built upon SugarCRM where members are created and auto activated to gain access to the ARC.

  • UX/UI Design & Development
  • ExpressionEngine
  • SugarCRM
  • jQuery
DeCarolis Design & Marketing
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Avago Technologies
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